Oto Kokusu-150-43

Oto Kokusu-150-43

Air Freshener

Product Code: 150-43

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It is being manufactured directly print to smell carton.
It is being manufactured with CMYK printing system.
Can be different design on both sides.
There is no extra fee for private cut.
Production time is changing between 5-9 working days.
Fragrances used in auto odors do not have any volatile properties since they do not contain alcohol. It has the property of spreading odor by circulating with air.
In laminated products, air circulation is very low as there is printing paper on the front and back of the scent paper. After the odor on the print paper is gone after a few hours, you can only smell it when you bring it closer to your nose.
Direct printing on the scent paper allows the product to breathe and increases the scent spreading area.